What is a cold or hot slot machine?

Slots have been around since the 19thΒ century but it seems like they are in the spotlight now after gaining so much attention, especially in the online casino industry. In the past couple of years, slots have been a dominant force in the casino world generating most of the revenue.

There is a couple of reason why slots jump to a point of being one of the most popular casino games in the world.

First of all, they are simple to play and require no skill or knowledge. Just because they are based on an RNG (random number generator) players don’t have any way of increasing their winning chances. Secondly, slots are funded and focused more on the user experience rather than only on the money-making process. Lastly, the world of slots has changed a lot and now we have many complex games that offer a lot more than clicking the spin button.

However, as the popularity of slot online grew, there were many myths and possibly strategies where players tried to predict when it is the best time to play slots. Such an interesting concept is the hot and cold slots idea.

Let’s focus on the β€œhot and cold” concept of slots and find out does it actually work or is it a myth, so next time you are playingΒ online slots Β remember the following advice.

Hot and Cold Slots

First of all, there isn’t a definitive way of telling whether a slot is cold or hot since the thing that measures β€œtemperature” is variable. This leads to various interpretations of how to tell if a slot is hot or cold and many people have different criteria.

However, everything is based on β€œhistory” or how a particular slot performed in the past with all profits shared and profits gained. Basically, it is all about how good or bad it paid out in the past.

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